Landhaus Bakery in Ari

If you happen to be Scandinavian, Northern European, or just a big fan of yummy pastries look no further. I might have found the best bakery in Bangkok, always say that about everything, but this time it’s true. Landhaus Bakery fulfilled my craving for a typical Swedish cafe breakfast.

Landhaus is located in a quiet soi of Ari, only 10 min walking distance from the bts. They serve up some wonderful bread and pastries. We ordered the Ham and Cheese Sandwich 120B, with “real” cheese. I’m not sure to which exact kind of cheese was used, but most probably and Edamer or Maasdamer, with a nice piece of ham, pickles, in a soft wheat bun. With that the best Cinnamon Bun 40B I’ve had in a long time, an Caramel Bun 60B, and two coffees (under 100B each).

Cinnamon buns, coconut buns, and other pastries

The interior is all concrete floors, white walls, reclaimed wood, and green plants. Extremely Instagram friendly, but with a quiet and laid-back vibe. The two ladies working in the cafe are very friendly and passionate about their bread. I was told that they they are mainly a bakery and several hotels come to pick up their breakfast bread every morning. You can have a look into their large clean bakery through a glass door. The space is bathing in natural light coming in from the huge windows, and it must be a dream to work there as a baker. Needless to say, this place will probably become a very popular spot very soon, so grab your friend and go have a breakfast before everyone else do.

Place: Landhaus Bakery
What: German bakery and cafe
Where: Pahol Yothin soi 5 (Ari bts station). Click here for map.
Open: Tuesday-Sunday 7am-7pm, closed on Mondays
Price: Reasonable, around 360B for two people.


Little Tree Garden Cafe – Through film





Little Tree Garden Cafe is located in Nakhon Pathom, just one hour from Bangkok. It’s hiding in lush greenery, next to a slow river, and can sometimes be a bit difficult to find, but it will be worth the trip. Their cakes are to die for and the Thai food is very good too. There are an array of seating options available. From small green houses with weathered white brick walls, to Thai “salas”. You can even have a little self made picninc by the river.

A few hundred meters away they have a small plantation with a beautiful little green house, as seen in the first image. They grow cacti and other exotic plants. The garden has been featured in many design and gardening publications, and I can definitely see why.

Shot by Nikon FM2, on Fujicolor200

Fat Black Record

The hunt for the album Big TV by White Lies continues. Bangkok has a few small, but pretty good record shops. One of my favorites is Fat Black Record at CDC (Crystal Design Center) in the outskirts of the city. They have a good selection of alternative rock, and many other genres.

My pick of the day, Costal Groves by Blood Orange. This album is so good, and to have it on vinyl was a must. Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning in bed.

Rows of records They have a lot of mainstream albums like Lana Del Rey and Lady Gaga as you can see, and some from Thai artists, which might be worth it to check out. They also have a lot of vinyl players on stock, colorful like candies.


img_8703Down the soi of Thanon Pan, the soi of the Burmese embassy, and behind two rustic wooden doors you’ll find my favorite cafe Luka. An interior shop, tea atelier, and cafe in one. And with a style that is hard to beat.

They serve up some delicious cafe style dishes with inspiration from the Italian kitchen. Like the meatball sub in the picture above. My mans absolute favorite dish.

 I’m in love with this avocado toast. Smashed avocado on ciabatta with a fried egg and topped up with Parmesan cheese.

The beautiful smoking area. More greenery in Bangkok please.

Fill In The Blank

My recently acquired coffee addiction has proven to be a problem. I’m bouncing around like a little bunny. The latest fix was from Fill In The Blank. A Japanese looking cafe hiding in a small alley of Sukhumvit 61.

He had pancakes with vanilla icecream, brownies, and caramel sauce…

While I had a coffee. Lactose intolerance is like torture at times.

It’s all in the details. I always look for beautiful imperfections. Something old and worn down, but beautiful in its own way.

Roast @ The Commons

The weekend has officially started, well it was yesterday. When we can’t travel, we explore what Bangkok has to offer. Mostly that means eating. Yesterday we tried out Roast at The Commons.

We had grilled pork with a corn salad, spicy calamari, and butternut squash gnocchi with sage butter. The dishes had some fancier names, but I was mainly focusing on the taste.

The gnocchi dish was a bit too sweet for me, but I’m happy I tried it. The calamari on the other hand was heavily delicious.

Giant River Praws in Ayutthaya

img_7800The best kind of trips might be the trips you make for food. Last weekend we drove up to Ayutthaya, well actually a small village just before Ayutthaya called Bang Pa-In, to eat at a restaurant called Tonnam Riverview (แพต้นน้ำริเวอร์วิว). This restaurant is famous for their grilled giant river prawns. The prawns come in various sizes and costs from 500-700 Baht per prawn. It’s a bit pricy, but definitely worth it. We also tried the yam-tua-poo, spicy winged bean salad with egg, and the river prawns fried in garlic.

I would recommend this restaurant if you have a car. I’m not sure how convenient it would be to get there otherwise. However, Ayutthaya is not far from Bangkok and it might even be worth it to rent a car or a taxi for a day or just 4 hours.

If you want to try it out, go here.